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Mary Jorie King is a creator, EP, writer-director, development executive & founder.

Freckled Face

As a creative powerhouse, Mary Jorie King has dedicated her craft to developing, producing, and directing stories centered around Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, with a focus on identity, the arts, and mental health. 

Her short films, including the Lambda Literary’s Writers Retreat finalist, COULD BE (2023), starring Jessica Darrow (Disney’s Encanto), TAKE YOUR LEAVE (2023), and SECOND HAND (2021), showcase her commitment to telling impactful stories and amplifying marginalized voices.

Her passion for music and theater led her to produce short-form content featuring Broadway’s HAMILTON, LES MISÉRABLES, and Disney’s THE LION KING along with artists like Patti LaBelle, Lana Del Rey, and JoJo.  Last year, she worked as a field producer for Usher's 25-YEARS ‘MY WAY’ (Mini-Documentary), a testament to her versatility and ability to tackle diverse projects.

In 2022, she founded Story:Verse, a creative space devoted to developing and producing Black, Indigenous, and People of Color stories and providing diverse storytellers with the guidance, resources, and tools they need to tell their stories and amplify their voices. 

Behind The Scenes.
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