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As You Are

Client: Deanna Lorea  |   2021-2022   |   Creative Direction, Content Creation, Content Strategy, Brand Identity & Podcast Production 

My journey at As You Are (now known as Dah:ter) was truly transformative. As a key player in the brand's inception, I embraced the challenge of building it from the ground up. With limited guidance, I embarked on a mission that required me to wear many hats, from conducting market research to launching the As You Are podcast.

As a passionate advocate for holistic healing, I dedicated myself to crafting brand messaging and specialized programming that celebrates individuality, encourages personal growth, and nurtures a deep sense of community. 


Through thoughtful research, I carefully designed a digital oasis for AYA, providing inspiration and resources for women on their wellness journey. From gratitude journals and a bi-weekly e-newsletter to the As You Are podcast which became a cherished source of wisdom, featuring stories shared by experts and fellow community members. 

Within six months, AYA's community engagement skyrocketed by 75%, community membership increased by 60%, and revenue surged by over 80%.

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