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Could Be

Client: OutLit Productions    |   2022-2023   |  Executive Producer & UPM 

Working closely with the award-winning queer writer/director Adam Jepsen (Disney's FROZEN on Broadway), we set out to create a thought-provoking short film that would spark conversations by challenging societal norms and celebrating the power of love beyond the confines of the status quo.


From development through post-production, I was deeply invested in the creative process, advising on various elements such as character development and collaborating with the team to bring the screenplay to life. Together, we delved into the complexities of the characters, seeking to portray them with authenticity and depth. 

Beyond assisting with creative efforts, I managed a production calendar, conducted a script breakdown, scouted locations, and assembled a talented crew, including the Director of Photography, who played a crucial role in bringing our vision to life on the screen. 


Furthermore, I spearheaded the crowdfunding and outreach efforts for our short film, tirelessly rallying support from individuals who shared our belief in the significance of this project. Through our collective efforts, we were able to raise 10K in funds, a testament to the power of community and the shared passion for telling stories that matter.

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