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Kemunto Fabrics

Client: Kemunto Fabrics  |   2022   |   Creative Direction, Visual Identity

Step into a world where art, tradition, and community intertwine. Kemunto Fabrics brings you custom designs curated from the vibrant continent of Africa. With a focus on showcasing the intricate beauty of the fabrics, I thoughtfully crafted a visual identity that strikes a perfect balance between both modernity and tradition.


Africa's rich culture and heritage is brought to life through clean and minimalist typography which allows the stunning patterns and textures to take center stage, while a calm color palette evokes the serenity of Africa's landscapes.


Each photograph tells a story, conveying the traditions and craftsmanship that make each fabric so special. The imagery captures the spirit and soul of the people behind the fabrics, as well as the diverse landscapes that serve as a constant source of inspiration.

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