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Personal Project  |   2022   | Art Direction, Creative Concepts & Story Development

Drawing inspiration from the profound symbolism associated with the Monstera plant, I sought to capture its essence and transcend its cultural significance. In Chinese culture, the Monstera represents longevity, while Feng Shui attributes to it the power to invoke happiness, joy, and good fortune, ultimately leading to the realization of dreams. It was with this understanding that I embraced the Monstera's allure and set forth on the creation of a captivating narrative.


Collaborating closely with a talented artist, we set the stage for the Queen of Monstera's realm—a mystical yet grounded world, where reality and fantasy intertwine seamlessly. Illuminated by the gentle glow of mushroom lanterns, this ethereal environment breathes life into the vibrant greenery that surrounds it. Each leaf, a testament to growth and resilience, dances with the wind, whispering stories of dreams fulfilled.

Through imperfect brush strokes, we strived to capture the essence of the Queen of Monstera's character. She embodies the beauty of growth, both in her physical form and in her journey of self-discovery. Radiating grace and strength, she stands tall amidst the lush foliage, a symbol of resilience and the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us.

The world we have created for the Queen of Monstera serves as a metaphorical haven, where dreams take root and blossom into reality. It invites viewers to embrace the transformative power of growth and to find solace in the ever-expanding possibilities that life presents. As the Queen of Monstera reigns over her verdant kingdom, she reminds us that within the depths of our souls, we too possess the power to cultivate our dreams and watch them flourish.

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