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Client: SSENTIALIST |   2023   |   Creative Direction & Video Production

As a Creative Director, my recent endeavor involved breathing life into the visual identity of the SSENTIALIST podcast, a remarkable space designed to foster healing and cultivate community. Utilizing the power of minimalistic typography and authentic natural photography, I embarked on a journey to capture the essence of this profound auditory experience.

SSENTIALIST stands as a tranquil sanctuary amidst the relentless demands of modern existence, offering solace and respite. It embraces intentionality and sustainable well-being as its guiding principles, encouraging listeners to embark on a mindful journey from one moment to the next. Within this immersive sonic landscape, we delve into the depths of what truly matters, seeking the essential and meaningful aspects that enrich our quality of life.

By skillfully interweaving cool colors, captivating imagery, and the resonance of life itself, we shape an experience that transcends the auditory realm. The visuals I crafted aspire to mirror the richness and diversity of the human experience while evoking a sense of harmony and unity.

SSENTIALIST Podcast Cover 7.png
SSENTIALIST Podcast Cover 2.png
SSENTIALIST Podcast cover 1_edited.jpg
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