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Stand Up

Personal Project    |   2023   |   Creative Direction & Photography

My love of storytelling in all its forms has recently led me to venture into the realm of unrestricted creativity, immersing myself in the sheer joy of uninhibited creation. This newfound approach has led me to explore art more intimately, including directing micro-shorts solely for the thrill of it, and expanding my horizons as a creative director and photographer through impromptu photoshoots.


One of the fruits of these spontaneous endeavors is a project I titled "Stand Up." Accompanying my husband to an Open Mic Night, where he would take the stage with his stand-up routine, I was immediately struck by the breathtaking sight of radiant neon blue lights casting a celestial glow upon a backdrop adorned with the images of some of the most iconic comedians and musicians of all time.


Inspired by this awe-inspiring scene, I felt compelled to not only shine a spotlight on my husband's talents but also pay homage to the artistic pioneers who paved the way for future generations.

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